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AVAILACAL availability calendars are very easy to use but we still recommend that calendar owners take a few moments to read the User Guide to ensure a proper understanding of how to manage the calendars. The following questions and answers are a supplement to the User Guide. We have tried to answer everything you could possibly need to know but if you do have a question which isn't answered here or in the User Guide please contact us, we are here to help.

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Q. Can I try out Availacal Calendars for free?

Q. Do the calendars show historical calendar information?

Q. What are the key differences between the Flash-based, table-based and mini calendars?

Q. Is there a difference in the price of accounts with Flash-based, table-based, mini calendars and WAP?

Q. I am currently using the month-per-row table-based calendars, what do I need to do if I want to change over the mini calendars or Flash calendars?

Q. I am currently using a Flash based calendar, but it doesn't show up on some mobile devices. Is this normal? What do I need to do if I want to change over the mini calendar or the month-per row table calendar?


Q. How do I use my password to update a calendar?

Q. When I try to log-in to edit my Flash-type calendar a new window opens but with no control panel. Is this a bug? How can I edit my calendar?

Q. Why can't I see the password box on the table-based calendar display?

Q. I have an account with multiple calendars and for some of these I have issued passwords for different people to use to administrate specific calendars. If one of these people forgets their password, how can I look-up their password to remind them what it is?


Q. How can I adjust the number months shown on a web page calendar?

Q. Can I clear a calendar from my account and create a new calendar in its place?

Q. Why would I want to choose a time zone for a calendar?

Q. Can I change the heading text on a calendar?

Q. Can I change the text that appears on the calendar key? For example: Can I make green days specify "Open", red days specify "Closed" and change the "AM Available" text to "Open till 1PM" or something similar?

Q. I have more dates unavailable than available, can I make the days default to red or orange instead of green being the default?

Q. How can I change the appearance of a Flash calendar?

Q. How can I change the size of a Flash calendar?


Q. How do I embed a calendar in a web page?

Q. Embedded calendars are not displaying on web pages which use the https: TLS security protocol. How can I get the calendars to appear?

Q. How do I get the calendar to pop-up in a new browser window?

Q. Can calendars be displayed in different languages?

Q.Must my web site be hosted on a specific kind of server for the calendars to work?

Q. If, instead of embedding the calendar or using a pop-up, I use a simple HTML link to a table-based calendar can I include a link to allow the user to return to the previous web page without needing to use the browser's back button?

Q. Instead of putting an actual calendar in a web page, can the availability data from a calendar be used to re-direct a web site visitor to a different web page based on the availability status of a date they have selected?

Q. Can Availacal calendars do any other tricks, such as integrate with my booking system?


Q. Can I display two or more specific calendars on the same screen or web page?

Q. What's the quickest way to view all of my calendars at once on the same screen?

Q. How do I get a multiview multiple calendar view to show 3 months instead of 2, and include a link back to my web page?

Q. Can I put the same calendar on more than one web site? Do I need more than one calendar in my account to do this?

Q. Is there a charge to put multiple calendars on a web page? What about putting the same calendars on different web sites?


Q. I act as an agent for someone who already has an Availacal calendar account. Can I put their calendar(s) on my web site?

Q. I have an active calendar but its URL address doesn't work. Why not?

Q. When I look at a calendar it has the calendar administration control panel above it. How can I prevent other people from changing my calendar?

Q. I logged-in but when I tried to edit my calendar I got logged out. Why?

Q. How can I renew my calendar account?

Q. How safe is my calendar data from hackers, hardware failure or viruses?

Q. Do the Flash calendars work with mobile devices?

Q. Can I view or update a calendar from an old black and white WAP device?

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